February 4, 2019
10am – 4pm
rockwell cage
Students and Employers
Thank you for coming to xFair 2019! Please check back soon for more details on xFair 2020.

more than your average career fair
xFair is more than booths, name tags, and blazers - it’s an exhibition of the latest pursuits by companies and students combined. The result is a unique showcase of raw talent, raw ideas, and raw passion. With 2000+ MIT undergraduate and graduate students in attendance, xFair is MIT’s largest career fair and tech expo.
Recruit the brightest young minds to make your company's vision come true.

Showcase your company's vision to the brightest young minds. This is a chance to attract and inspire students with the latest in tech, awesome company culture, and the core values at the heart of your business.
Applications for xFair 2019 are now closed! Please check back later in the year to apply to xFair 2020. If you have any questions, you can reach us at [email protected].
Explore, learn, and be inspired. This year’s xFair is all about introducing students to new industries and new tech. Whether you’re studying astrophysics or economics, computer science or chemistry, xFair has something for everyone!

Be sure to drop your resume below, browse demos coming to xFair, and familiarize yourself with the layout before the day of the event.
research groups
This year, we are reimagining xFair and giving labs on campus the opportunity to demo their work. If you are a lab interested in attending xFair 2019, please contact us at [email protected] for more details.

student exhibitors
We want to see your creativity, innovation, and engineering at its best. And we want to help you gain the exposure you deserve. Every year, the ProjX committee sponsors over 50 student projects with up to $500 in funding. These students will display their projects at xFair 2019 to thousands of students and hundreds of industry professionals.

Applications open every October – stay updated on the ProjX website.
Be sure to check out all the sponsors coming to xFair 2019!

What is xFair?
We have merged TechX's TechFair and TBP's Career Fair to present xFair: an interactive career fair with a focus on company demos and our very own MIT student projects.
Should I bring my resume?
Yes! Also be sure to drop your resume here so employers can find you before the fair.
What distinguishes xFair from traditional career fairs?
Many companies at xFair will be displaying cool demos, so you can check out the products that you'll help build at your future job. In addition to company demos, we'll also be displaying cool projects made by students, so come to support your friends' and classmates' projects!
What's the dress code?
Where can I get more information?
Student information is available here . You can follow MIT xFair on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated.

meet the team
reach us at [email protected]
Amy Kim
Savannah En
Jessica Lee
Emily Han
Madie Wang
Joie Le
Dev Ops
Ivy Wang
Dev Ops
Bryan Chen
Dev Ops
Steven Okada
Dev Ops
Suki Zhang
Internal Relations
Pramoda Karnati
Stephanie Zhang
Lucy Wang